Miracles happen even when horsin' around

 Feeling stuck or frustrated because you can’t figure out how to make something work?Maybe you got discouraged because you can’t imagine how to solve a problem or achieve your goals. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Solutions beyond your wildest expectations can happen.

 Enjoy how one woman miraculously achieved her goals in a seemingly impossible situation by horsin’ around.  

I was very interested in becoming a dealer for a new manufacturer and adding their horse trailers to my product line. 

 After many interactions with the owner’s son, I felt that I really wanted to pursue it. He presented me with an attractive commission structure if I bought three trailers at a time, but not worth it if I bought less because of the high shipping costs. Regardless, I didn’t see any way I could make this pricey investment.

 Nevertheless, I still wanted to see them in person. There would be models on view in Lexington, Kentucky.

 I told Virginia I was thinking about going, but I didn’t see any way possible that I could make it work even if I decided to be a dealer. She said, “Don’t think about it as just one way. There are infinite possibilities here!”

 I was supposed to go to a horse clinic in Dallas on the only weekend that I could go to Kentucky. So, I thought, it’s not meant to be. Next thing I know, the clinic in Dallas was CANCELLED. The clinician cancelled her whole US tour!  

 So, I thought, ok. I’ll go if I can find a reasonable flight. Well, I got one, and the new trailer folks even picked me up at the airport. I got to the show, saw the trailers and loved them. Then, while sitting in their tent, I heard the owner’s son say, “She’s right over here!” 

 A nice couple showed up to look at his trailers. They told the son right off that they saw my website and decided to buy the trailers that I’d been selling in Austin from ME, even though they live in Tennessee!  That’s when he took them over to meet me.  

 Next, they asked me to discuss the differences between the two trailers. By then I knew quite a lot about his trailers and was able to do a really nice job of it, so much so that the wife thought she might want to buy his! At this point, I’m wondering if I really shot myself in the foot. 

 The son wrote up the order for them to see what the cost would be and hands me one of the copies since, he said, it’s MY deal. They laughed and asked me, “Are you going to be a dealer?” I said, “Well, it sure looks like it!” But, they decided not to buy on the spot and give it some thought. 

 In the meantime, a couple I know  drove all the way from Austin to Lexington for the games.  I had asked them to check out the new trailers for me (when I thought I couldn’t go), and they emailed me that they liked them. They would even bring one back and tow it for me, if I wanted.

 Through an amazing sequence of events, the son allowed me to take the trailer that the Tennessee couple were interested in (a $19,000 trailer, mind you) and let the Austin couple tow it all the way back for me!   

 They got it here in time for me to take both style trailers to a big show where each received lots of attention.

 Success Kept Coming

 Now, the Tennessee couple and I began to email. We solidified the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the two trailers.

 But, guess what? They not only ORDERED the trailer they saw in Kentucky. The owner’s son delivered it to them in Tennessee! I received a hefty commission on THAT trailer, AND I got to keep my beautiful demo trailer for future sales.

 How amazing is all of this?  It’s like you said, it doesn’t have to be ONE WAY. It can be so many ways…  I now have a trailer in my possession to SHOW PEOPLE and on top of all of that, the son told me to USE IT so people can see it wherever I go. I have an amazingly gorgeous new trailer for my own use that I haven’t had to PAY FOR.

 Ain’t life grand?   😉

 Kay Skillern, Owner of Lucas & Liebe

Not long after, the manufacturer of the original trailers she’d been selling went out of business! If she hadn’t become a dealer, she could have been left with no trailers to sell – and they are an essential part of her business.

 Some of her miracles are that she:

  • Became a dealer
  • Didn’t have a financial outlay
  • Didn’t have high shipping costs eating her profits, even though she only sold one
  • Received a brand new $19,000 trailer for personal use
  • Didn’t have to transport the trailers personally to Tennessee or Texas
  • Became a dealer before she knew she’d need it because the other business closed.

 Where can you open up to receive miracles in your life? Relax and allow the support. Miracles are waiting for you to invite them in. They appear in divine right timing when you:

  • Breathe and relax
  • Set an intention
  • Listen to and take action on your inner nudges
  • Open to receive miracles.

 No matter your situation, you are loved and cared for beyond what you can conceive. You’re not alone. There’s always a way out. Be open to infinite possibilities.


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