DON’T Try to Figure Things Out

There’s a BETTER way!

“I don’t know how to do it” and “I gotta figure it out” are seductions, siren songs of the egoic self, to lure you into keeping you small.

The egoic self is a false identity, which all of us have, that pretends to be us. We can recognize one aspect of it by the voice in our heads that never stops talking – often unsupportive, fearful and negative.

Its purpose? It wants you to stay limited under the guise of playing it safe.

However, the lack of money and happiness as well as business and personal fulfillment aren’t safe places to be at all!

The ego lies.

It seduces you into believing that you have to know HOW to do something. It insists you must have the big picture, all your ducks in a row and conditions must be just right before taking action.

Faulty assumptions are made. I don’t have the money. My life will be too disrupted. The children. My health. It’s not the right time. It’s not fill in the blank excuse.

I’ve observed this when people give me a list of why they can’t take action now toward their dreams. Really logical sounding reasons. Often they’re excuses in sheep’s clothing, aka listening to the egoic self’s whispers of fear and limitation.

Some, in trying to figure things out and looking for validation, ask others for their opinion. Then they’re dealing with others’ issues in addition to their own.

Hint: listen to the very first guidance that comes. It can be a gut feeling, an excitement, relief or a flash of insight. What comes after, with all the logical reasons or someone else planting doubt, can be ego-sourced. Well-meaning, seemingly safe, but actually neither.

If we continue to ignore our inner guidance, then life’s 2 x 4 can whack us to get our attention and change. Life crises in health, relationships, finances, accidents, job turnaround, death, divorce, emotional distress, natural disaster and more, for all their yuckiness, are catalysts for change.

However, having the courage to listen to our inner nudges is easier, even though we may try to talk ourselves into believing it isn’t.

By the way, the egoic self is very defensive because it believes its survival and identity depend on its perspective. Woe to anyone who might suggest otherwise… unless someone has had enough of unconsciously being unconscious and reaches out for freedom.

“Protecting and enhancing that false sense of self then becomes your primary motivating force.”

Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

The mindset of the egoic self is opposite of how the creative process works.

“If you ask the “how” question before the “what” question, all you can ever hope to create are variations of what you already have.”

Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistance

Use your imagination. Focus on the results, where you choose to be, not on the process or where you are.

The way will makes itself known.

If you think that you have to figure something out first, you limit your options.

You have limited experience. To go where no man or woman has gone before, you have to tap into a creative power and allow yourself to be guided by it.

Be wary of the excuses logical reasons you give yourself that hold you back.

Another way of saying this is get out of your head, and don’t try to figure things out.

Instead, relax and open yourself to infinite possibilities. Then take action by following your inner guidance.

Edited Soulgoals’ Blog excerpt from March 20, 2017

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