What can you do if you’re simply stuck?  While driving after sunset on the sands of a South Padre Island beach, my friends and I got stuck in a rut and couldn’t get out. Ironically, the same thing happened to them a week before in the same pick up truck to the tune of a $135 towing bill.

I was real clear I didn’t want that drama to be part of my vacation experience. So, I shifted my attention from the emotional situation to the result we chose and surrendered it to the Divine. It was essential not to get pulled into the swirling, chaotic energy that was building.

I quietly asked for all the help I could think of, celestial and physical, with consistent focus and confident prayer.

Over 25 minutes and as the night sky darkened, more than 20 people gathered to assist, but the wheels spun deeper until they disappeared into the hole.

However, someone happened to drive by who had towing capabilities and easily pulled us out for free. That’s faster than the time it would’ve taken if we called for a tow.

TIP #4: Prayer works. Ask knowing your requests are heard and answered in divine right timing.

Think about it. Help just happened to appear. Likewise, in spite of whatever drama you may be in, there IS an equivalent of a tow truck waiting to help if you ask, trust and are open to receive.

Miracles happen, and yours might come from a change in perspective. The fastest way out of a hole is to stop digging.

You can choose something different. You can choose to let go of judgment and fear. You can choose to trust and be open to receive.

You can get out of any rut in your life.


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