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Hear Me Next Wednesday: From Burnt Out to Turned On

June 21, 2018


Ready for some inspiration and fresh direction?

You’re invited to hear my presentation next Wednesday at noon, June 27th, at Mangia Pizza in the Gracy Farms Shopping Center, Austin, TX.

From Burnt Out to Turned On –
Be Richly Compensated Doing What You Love
Faster and Easier than You Dreamed Possible

Here’s a sample of what you’ll hear:

Are you burnt out, stuck or confused when you know in your heart you’re destined for so much more? In this talk, you’ll come away with breakthrough insights and practical actions to live true to you and be richly compensated doing what you love.

This talk is for you if you:

  • Choose to share your gifts or business with the world more powerfully.
  • Wonder what are your gifts or goals.
  • Would be more satisfied in a passion-filled life.
  • Feel discontent because you’re not living the life you know you’re meant to live.
  • Think your life or business can be so much more.
  • Feel stuck or don’t know how to create more money, a successful career or really enjoy what you’re doing…. and it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional.

The NW Austin Business Connections (ABC) hosts weekly networking meetings, and I’m the featured speaker at their next Wednesday’s meeting.

There is no charge for the meeting, but do enjoy getting your lunch while you’re there.

Mangia Pizza is located at 12001 Burnet Rd., Suite D, in Austin, TX 78758. The Gracy Farms Shopping Center is found at the intersection of Mopac and Burnet Rd.

You can find out more about ABC at their website

If you can make it, enjoy the talk and please be sure to say hi!

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I work with people who choose to share
their gifts or business in a BIGGER way
but don’t know how, feel stuck, could 
use new tools or support.

I help them ignite their Soul’s goals
and be richly compensated doing what
they love.

You’re Invited to Free, Fun & Fruitful

August 25, 2016

waterfall IcelandWater


The flow of water in this picture isn’t stopped by large rocks.

Likewise, you don’t have to be held back from the success you deserve by lack of clarity, distractions, fear, obstacles and self-limitation.

However, you must know how to be unstoppable.

You’re invited to discover tools to break free so nothing and nobody can stop you from living your dreams – not even you!

In case you missed my last couple of TIPS or haven’t registered yet, you still have time to join us for a dynamic afternoon to be Free, Fun & Fruitful on Sunday, August 28th, where you’ll:

  • Hear people’s personal stories about how they overcame challenges and struggles to break free and receive remarkable outcomes.
  • Discover missing keys to create a business and life that exceeds your wildest expectation.
  • Learn tips so you can do this, too.

You’re invited to Free, Fun & Fruitful An Energy Boost for Your Success



LOCATION: A beautiful home in Lewis Mountain Estates off 1826 in SW Austin, TX

WHO’S INVITED: Business associates, friends and family who are open to feeling good and elevating their success



You’ll experience what it feels like to be free, have fun and be fruitful.

FRUITFUL: producing good results; beneficial; profitable; producing an abundant growth

To get the results you choose and be the shining star you are, you must be aligned with the energy of success.

Join us as you learn how from pros, and raise your ceiling of infinite possibilities.

Feel what it’s like to know that you’re not alone and someone’s got your back.

Speakers include:

  • LB Thomas, the Big Cheese at LBTJ Ad Agency; a founder and President of TWIB (Texas Women in Business); Austin Business Journal Top 25 Woman of Influence
  • Carol Warkoczewski, City Architect of City of San Antonio, TX; founder of I-LinCP
  • Mark Hairston, Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Lisa Bargsley, Certified de Bono Trainer of Six Thinking Hats; Sage Speaking
  • Michele Viera & Merrie Ellis, Mortgage Specialists
  • Virginia Goszewska, Do What You Love Coach

This is for you if:

  • you long to share your business or gifts with the world in a BIGGER way but don’t know how or feel stuck.
  • you’d enjoy meeting positive, successful people
  • you’d like to learn how to be in the Now, ignite your Soul’s goals and be richly compensated doing what you love.
  • you’re a seasoned masterminder who’d like to plug into a larger vortex of empowering, mastermind energy


I’m confident that this will be a worthwhile investment of your time. You’ll even receive insights to questions you wonder about when you can’t sleep at night.

Seating is limited. If you’re getting a nudge to go, I highly encourage you to register for free now.