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Wonder if Things Will Work Out for You?

December 5, 2022

I wrote this to a client who was going through challenges:

I really know what it’s like when we feel our lives are sinking, and we’re drowning in a sea of wondering if things will ever work out — or if we’ll be submerged too long and sink before a lifesaver comes to save us.

That being said, regardless of this eddy of emotion, we simply have to believe and will eventually know that there’s always at least a piece of driftwood to carry us to the shore. That’s part of the lesson.

Often, we’re so preoccupied splashing about and gasping for air that we don’t divert our attention to see the Coast Guard has been calling our name to let us know we’re safe.

Our journey involves shifting from panicking to looking for and being grateful for what’s available at this very moment.

Then we refocus our vision and see that help is on the way. Now.

You can:

  • Sit in anyone’s drama, your complaining, frustration, anger, confusion, blame, regret, worry, disappointment, or beating yourself or others up. These can not bring you results you choose and are self-defeating frequencies. That’s like being tuned to a heavy metal radio station wondering when classical music will start to play.
  • Alternatively, even if you don’t have a clue how, trust that help is on the way. In doing so, you align yourself with and are open to miracles, fortuitous coincidences and being in the right place at the right time while feeling that success can happen for you. Yes, you.

The first step to your success can be this idea: Things are working out for you, you know what to do, and help is on the way.

Then tune in to your next step, because one is always available for you.

It may be taking action on something that’s been rolling around your head for a while or asking for help.

Maybe it’s to pause and do nothing in the moment because the timing isn’t right. Or chill out, and take a nap.

Keep it simple.

You probably tried not trusting yourself or life. From direct experience you saw the results, which is why you may wonder if things will work out. Why not approach things from a different perspective? 

Believe and trust it will. Take action by following through with your inner guidance instead of your fears.

You won’t need a crystal ball.

Things are working out for you!

Edited excerpt from Soulgoals’ Blog posted October 25, 2017

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