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TIP: My Trip to the Texas Panhandle

July 12, 2016

Palo Duro Canyon

Last week, on the hottest days of the year, I vacationed in the Texas Panhandle, the northernmost region of Texas. Even the wild buffalo that roam on thousands of acres stayed hidden in the shade.

Some sites we saw were truly spectacular, such as the dramatic vistas of Cap Rock Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States, which is pictured above.

There were ghost towns of previously thriving communities. Changing tides in weather and economy created their demise.

The people native to the panhandle left the greatest impression on me – their friendliness, values and interests.

While America reeled from the deaths of two black men and five police officers, some shared their feelings about it.

A cattle rancher, whose wife is an attorney, said he’d been glued to the news. In his community, they stand behind the police, and he demonstrated his beliefs by sharing stories. His viewpoint centered on the senseless killing of policemen and felt that the movement from those who were protesting would disappear and go the way of ghost towns.

On the other hand, a professional woman, while in no way condoning the killing of policemen, shared her frustration by focusing on how a pattern of police behavior triggered five officers being shot by an unstable person.

Both were open to explore different perspectives.

A benefit of traveling is the opportunity to witness life from a variety of viewpoints.

We always have a choice to step back and see different perspectives. Sometimes our thinking is lazy, though. We become rigid, and we just want to see things the way we see them.

If people are open to solutions, instead of bolstering habitual, emotional reactions like fear or anger, discussions can foster understanding and lead the way to new solutions.

Likewise, when you change your perspective about yourself, you can more readily transform your life and business from stuck to abundance.

It reminded me of recent conversations with people who told me that change is their highest priority. Some shared sad stories of their circumstances.

But when an opportunity to change was presented, they weren’t ready. They advocated for their limitations and why they had to stay the same.

I then learned an interesting lesson from one of my teachers:

Just because people ask for answers or want things to be different doesn’t mean they’re open to receive them. 

If they have a high tolerance to emotional suffering, pain, struggle, stress or pressure or have a strong identification with the story they tell about their lives or business, they may not be ready for solutions… although they long for it.

Even if they’re positive people.

Even if they act or talk positively, they often complain inside their heads. Hence, they attract more of what they think about and feel.

Having the right tools makes all the difference.

To set the intention of receptivity, masterminders start energizing their goals by saying: I am willing to receive this or something better.

One new masterminder who experienced one of these tools said, after months (years) of trying to figure things out on her own, “Thanks for not giving up on me.”

During her session, she had huge break-free moments. The next business day, deals that had been stuck for months suddenly came together. Additionally, she handled a crisis at work with grace and ease and got fast results. Previously, it would’ve put her in a tailspin.

Her energy shifted and the gate to her success opened wide.

Crazy busy and working harder aren’t the keys that unlock your doors to success.

YOU are.

All in divine right timing.  When we’re truly ready to receive, miracles happen.

Your TIP is to align your energy FIRST before taking action.

Society teaches that action brings results.

It doesn’t.

Inspired action does.

Your energy creates failure or success.

First, align your energy for success, then take action.

If you think you don’t have time for this because you’re too busy, observe your results.

Not enough time or money?

Feeling happy or frustrated, discouraged, stressed or disappointed?

Start your shift by giving yourself permission to be kind to yourself and to feel good.

Focus on what you love instead of your problems.

Good feeling mojo creates success.

Gain perspective.

Take a vacation from the way you usually see things.

Be open and willing to receive what you choose or something better!