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Going Bonkers? This Can Help.

April 6, 2020

Sheltering in place and starting to go bonkers?

This can help.

Do you pass by stuff in your home that needs to be done and tell yourself that you’re going to get around to it someday?

Do you know your gotta-get-around-to-it list, that you never get around to, drains your energy? It can also leave you feeling depressed, unmotivated, hopeless, stuck and even lower your self-esteem?

Oh that messy desk and button that fell off.

Don’t dismay.

Now’s a perfect time to catch up. Here’s what I discovered…


Years ago, I attended a lecture by the late motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. Everyone in the audience received a wooden coin. We each got a Round Tuit.

Translated: Here’s your moment. Now is your time. Stop procrastinating, and take action.

Recently, my eyes opened to the big picture of what I’d been tolerating. The broken blinds – hey, they worked if I didn’t raise them. The dang, dangling, wall-mounted, coat hanger fixture because I didn’t install the molly bolts correctly. The clusters of daddy long legs that resided on my porch and invaded my house when the door opened. Half the burners on my stove not heating well, etc. etc. It was time for change.

I found that projects often come with obstacles and learning curves. Wasn’t I surprised to realize, while proudly using my electric hand sander for the first time, that I refinished my weather-beaten, wooden mailbox with the sandpaper attached inside out. It turned out great anyway, even though I didn’t know what I was doing.

The mailbox looks great even though I sanded it with the sandpaper inside out.

Regarding other projects, I asked questions only to find that many “experts” give crazy advice and don’t know what they’re talking about but act like they do.

However, my intentions eventually drew the right people and solutions to me.

I continue to tackle projects in spite of my ignorance. I learn, and then I’m no longer clueless on those subjects.

Not knowing what to do no longer stops me for long.

Which do you choose?

  • Stuff left undone, as well as unresolved, personal history, drains your energy making it challenging to focus on goals.
  • Getting stuff done feels great and inspires you to do more!

Throw out your holey undies; no, they’re not sacred.

Connect with folks you’ve been meaning to contact.

Clearing space in your head and environment releases a power for your dreams to come true.

You don’t have to know how to manifest your goals or even what they are.

Believe in you! Take ONE step at a time. The next step then will be revealed.

If you have a gut feeling that now is the time for change, then be happy that you finally got A ROUND TUIT.

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From Wiktionary:
round tuit (plural round tuits)

  1. (humorous) A circular object giving its owner the ability to get done everything that would have otherwise been put off to a later date “when they got around to it”.
    No more waiting until you get around to it.

This is the perfect time to let go of what’s not working, enjoy this moment and create your phenomenal future!

Getting a Round Tuit is way better than going bonkers.

Reprinted from Soulgoals Archives September 30, 2013 with added updates

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Let Go of Ghosts

June 5, 2017
mountain bike ghost

A mountain biker rode on a trail she’d been on at least 50 times. During some of those rides, she’d fallen and hurt herself. Because of this history, she was haunted by what the biking community calls “ghosts.” She remembered the injuries, where the obstacles are located that caused her pain and avoided them.

Her experience changed, though, when she did this very same trail with a group of riders who traveled this way for the first time, including a woman who’s a national champion, and were decades younger.

Not having negative memories, they tackled the trail with abandon.

While riding she said to herself, “Let’s pretend I haven’t been on this trail before.”

It was a whole new experience. She quickly rode over obstacles that she’d been avoiding and was unscathed. Didn’t fall down. Didn’t get hurt.

She told me that it’s the same in business.

Don’t let old ghosts from the past, which cause you to hesitate, get in the way of taking action and being successful.

Let go of the bad experiences.

What ghosts can you let go so you can tackle your life, business or work with abandon?

Find a way to create positive momentum so you get through without giving them a second thought.

With gratitude, Virginia

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I work with people who choose to share
their gifts or business in a BIGGER way
but don’t know how or feel stuck.

I help them ignite their Soul’s goals
and be richly compensated doing what
they love.

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