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Are You Messing Up Your Life or Making It Better?

February 13, 2023
Where’s your focus? What do you see in this optical illusion? Old or young woman?

A couple of my clients are involved with sports that require focus.

While kayaking, Melinda told me that if you focus on what to avoid, you’ll hit it. If you focus on where you’re going, you’ll go there.

In mountain biking, Michele shared that if you focus on obstacles, like the rocks and bumps you go over, you’ll fall. She said that it’s amazing how when you keep your gaze in front of you, where you’re heading, the obstacles don’t effect you and you keep going.

Your life, business, work and finances reflect what you consistently focus on, think about, talk about, complain about, imagine and enjoy – whether you want that thing or not.

In my Soulgoals’ program, there’s a segment called Focus on the Donut and not the Hole:

“One client said, ‘We’re trained to focus on worry. Now I’m retraining my focus on what I choose instead.’”

What’s in your focus? It can mess up your life or make it better. It may be a key to what’s in your wallet and happiness!

Edited excerpt from Soulgoals’ Post of February 27, 2017

UPDATE: Maybe you think you have no idea where to focus because you have so much to do, and it should’ve been done yesterday! You feel that only then would the pressure and weight be lifted off you. 

Consider that your underlying conundrum might be some variation of you’re not getting things done as fast as you’d like.

If so, shift your focus to being okay with where you are right now.

Pick one project on your To Do list to which you feel most drawn, and start to work on it.

Then focus by taking it a step at a time. Work toward completion. With this attitude, you could attract help in unexpected ways, too.

Hakuna matata (from the movie The Lion King meaning no worries; there are no troubles.”)

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