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TIP of the Week – How To Make Your Life What YOU Want

October 20, 2015

During his short ride to the office, a client’s daily routine was looking for annoying drivers. Easy to find, right? After starting the day with this momentum, his attention shifted to work.

When asked to share recent business success, his reply was, “It’s hard to find wins.”

“Was there any movement in anyway?”

“Nope…mostly going backwards.” He actually had several deals pending, and many would envy his business.

Up, down or wiggling between the two, energy matches energy.

Wiggling between positive and negative energy brought a mixed bag of results. Not surprisingly, although he had multiple deals, some had complications that jeopardized their outcome.

Highly talented, successful and an awesome man in countless ways, he recognized his perspective wasn’t helping and reframed it. He continued working on the deals but let go of the emotional stress and negative attitude.

The deals worked or they didn’t. This or something better. Alternate solutions were acknowledged. Plus, there was a higher probability of achievement using positive creativity.

The way you start your day influences your results. It’s easier to build a train’s momentum by starting on the right track than trying to stop it if it’s heading for a train wreck.

How can you get on the right track?

My course Resolved for Results includes tools to gain clarity, shift your energy and manifest what you really, really want. Ideal Scenarios support you to focus on the life you want and let go of obsessing over less than favorable circumstances that inevitably sentence you to what you don’t want.

“An ideal scenario is a picture of your ideal life infused with feeling. You can create yours by writing about your heart’s desire “as if” it’s already occurring right now in present time.”

“A client went from owning a business that stocked vending machines to a different industry where he created a company worth over $100 million dollars. He said he owed his success to writing ideal scenarios.

“His goals progressed from making thousands to a six-figure monthly income, then onto receiving an ‘abundance of $1 million or more per month in net profit.’ Those results reaped $1.2 million net monthly and grew from there.”

When you can feel that you already have what you want, then you will attract what you want. In fact, you already have it. Just feel it now and feel it real. Joe Vitale

TIP of the Week – How To Make Your Life What YOU Want

Be the master of your destiny by consciously creating your success!

Write your ideal scenario, using the above description, as if you’re already living your ideal life now. If you’re not sure what you want, make a list of what you don’t want and then write the opposite.

Every morning, visualize your ideal scenario with feeling  – two or three times a day for faster results.

Don’t believe it? Try it for the next 30 days and watch how your life matches your Ideal Scenario.
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