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June 17, 2010

Life can be comfortable, and you’d like some things to stay as they are. After all, others could change their ways and leave you alone.

But life doesn’t always work this way.

That’s what I felt on a beautiful morning as I lay on a blanket nestled in a grove of trees next to a pond. A gentle breeze was blowing. Ahh, tranquil, exquisite peace. Perfect.

Several minutes passed and then…slap. Something got on my arm. No problem. Back to looking at the sky through the leaves.

Looking at the Sky through the Leaves

Ouch. What was that? It’s okay. What a lovely day!

Gosh darn it. That one bit me. Then another.

Baby ants. Maybe I’m on an ant pile.

Nope. There’s an ant path under the blanket by my feet, but I’m not blocking it, I thought.

Well, they had another opinion and kept pestering me until I had to move.

I didn’t want to change my spot because it was ideal with no rocks, twigs or tall grass.

However, by this time, the Texas heat had escalated, and not finding another suitable location, I realized it was time to move on.

Regardless of what I thought they could do, I had to move. I had to change, not them.

That’s how life is sometimes. We get in our comfort zone and don’t want to move. But some cycles run their course, and it’s easier to change (or should I say potentially more painful to stay) even though we might not feel like it.

Do you need to move on from one of your comfort zones?

Is it time to let go of someone or something you’re holding onto that’s no longer serving you?

Do you want others to change so you can stay the same?

Maybe it time to move on.