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December 8, 2012
My gift to you - BELIEVE

My gift to you – BELIEVE

I’m offering you and your friends a complementary 60+ minute Soulgoals Session, and here’s why.

There’s a shift of consciousness taking place now, and the old ways aren’t working as they did in the past. This is true in business, finances,  relationships, how you treat your body, attitudes… everything. Have you noticed that those challenges, issues and emotions you played ostrich about are now coming out of the sand? You’re not the only one.

Last week I had the privilege of giving several free Soulgoal Sessions. Though individual stories differed, underneath people are making transitions from status quo to some unknown, new way of doing things. And to make the shift, get unstuck or regain footing after changing, some things need to be cleared out, new directions clarified, and often times people needed to get their mojo back as well as belief in themselves.

The struggle or discomfort or inner nudging grew so much that something had to shift which was demonstrated by people feeling:

  • Stuck
  • Unfulfilled
  • Stagnant
  • Frustrated
  • Hopeless
  • Afraid
  • Confused about direction
  • Paralyzed from not knowing what to do
  • Out of balance
  • Ready to get out of survival mode
  • They needed help from health to finances to relationships to their dreams
  • They longed to express themselves and share their gifts with others
  • It’s time to deal with stuff they’ve been putting off.

Mind you, this is from talented and brilliant people (even though life sometimes left them so psyched out or beat up emotionally that they didn’t feel that way). These include light workers; business owners; employees; empty nesters; parents or children dealing with their families; people with dreams; and successful people who know it’s time for a change and to grow.

Every 40 minute Soulgoals Session lasted longer – I couldn’t leave people hanging. But in that time we cast light on shadows of what they’d been dealing with frequently for a year or more.

During Soulgoals Sessions we:

  • Clarified goals and vision
  • Developed a 3-step action plan
  • Uncovered challenges
  • Masterminded
  • Directly addressed what they’re dealing with

In addition to lots of gratitude, the results?

  • Clearer on direction – even if it changes as they move forward
  • Enthusiasm and motivation to take action on their plan
  • Joy, happiness, feeling free and relief
  • Feeling good about themselves and rediscovering their inner spark
  • Someone to talk with
  • Feeling validated and very heard
  • Getting out of their head and circular thinking while gaining perspective
  • Feeling unconditionally supported
  • Empowered
  • Knowing they’re not crazy
  • Deeper understanding of themselves
  • And one made a commitment to get married within hours after the session!

Additionally, what came up is fear from breaking out of an old cycle as well as recognizing the value of support to walk through them.

As one person said, “it’s easy to see how to help others, but how to help myself is another thing. That’s why the teachers from the movie/book The Secret have coaches.”

Because of the results, very appreciative kudos I received that showed me a need, and requests to help friends, I’m extending my FREE Soulgoal Sessions to 60+ minutes on selected days for the next two weeks. My gift to you and yours.

To learn more and book your FREE session, click here:

This offer is available to everyone, including past clients. You’re welcome to send this invitation to your friends who may be interested.

If you can’t make these times, contact me for other options. My intention is to help.

This could be your or your friends’ answer to prayers.

If you’re getting an inner nudge, I encourage you to take action on your inspiration and guidance.

You have gifts to give to the world. I support you in sharing them and making your dreams come true.