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TIP: Don’t EXPECT Results. This Works Way Better.

February 7, 2022

Don’t EXPECT results??

Say again. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? 

Expecting results is a booby trap, and you’re no boob. Here’s how it can foil your efforts. 

When we mastermind, we ask for “this or something better.” Why? Because God and the universe may have a better way to bring results.

(Note: I know some people align more with the universe than God. Don’t get hung up on a word choice that doesn’t fit your beliefs. Refer to whatever works for you.)

Energetic clinging repels results. Imagine a girl focused on finding a boyfriend. Guys sense this as dogs sense fear and run for the hills. Once she lets go of the search, there’s room for her dream to come true.

Likewise, if we cling to how we expect things will turn out, it repels what we want.

I’m an expert on expectation… and why it doesn’t work.

In the past, I tricked myself into thinking that I trusted everything would work out, when I was actually WAITING FOR, aka EXPECTING, a result from a specific source. 

For example:

  • While putting a group together, I expected my next event would fill it.
  • If I had a financial goal, I expected a particular client to fulfill it.
  • I said I let it go, but I tried to control the outcome by expecting results the way I wanted.

I patiently relaxed to manifest my goals the way I expected. I knew how I thought it would happen… and I took action to make it happen.

Here’s the telltale downside. When life didn’t happen as expected, I got disappointed and depressed. Next came a feeling of hopelessness, fear and my former default program: Oh no, what am I going to do?

This started a vicious circle of expectation and discouragement that attracted more situations that caused me to continue to feel discouraged.

Now, I still hold events and have clients that could bring particular results. But, if they don’t, it’s called NEXT. God and the universe will supply from other sources. 

God is your supply. 

Don’t expect your supply to come from a person, event or anything in particular.

You ALWAYS are taken care of by God and the universe but results often come differently than how you think they SHOULD.

Results come with grace and ease when you, as the saying goes, let go and let God. 

The key is to have faith. TRUST. All you need is the faith of a mustard seed, and they’re very tiny.

Feeling dejected, rejected or injected with fear is not trusting.

Trust is not giving up or moaning about what’s not working. These are childhood responses. 

Trust by ANTICIPATING RESULTS. Anticipate your needs are met beyond your wildest expectations. If one way doesn’t work, it’s okay. Something better is here for you. Adopt a childlike curiosity of wonder instead of dictating an expectation. 

It’s your job to:

  • Make a choice.
  • Pay attention to your nudges.
  • Take action on what you’re inwardly guided to do.

 Let God and the universe fill in the HOW and why and where and by whom.

Anticipate, don’t expect.
Trust that God and the universe can and do manifest goals you choose or something better.

Don’t like your new creation? Don’t create a story about how you never get what you want, etc. Choose again.

Anticipate the best and you change the way your world is happening for you.

Edited excerpt from my Soulgoals’ post of May 26, 2011

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