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Maybe There’s Another Way of Looking at Things

April 24, 2023

Your reaction to life depends on how you look at things.

I’ve been building another Soulgoals’ website, which necessitated revisions to my lovely, new logo and banner. When they were reduced in size, some of the lettering was so small that it was unreadable.

My request for changes has been going on for months, but I was busy with other things so I let it slide. Periodically, I checked in and got modificatins, but they weren’t the ones I sought.

Finally, I got annoyed. A few days ago, I asked her in a very kind, detailed email to work as a team. PLEASE complete this. 

She replied: “Okay so, to be honest, it’s not a lack of communication between us. I am going through chemo and it is causing havoc with my work, even my eyes if you can believe it!”

Yikes. It seems whenever I get bothered about something, there are other factors involved that I hadn’t considered, another way of looking at things.

Oh, but the ego, our false identity, loves having a justifiable reason to be irritated or against something or someone. This has an underlying egoic “benefit” of feeling superior to others. To the egoic self, it feels so satisfying to be right while making others wrong. It loves to cop an attitude and often won’t listen to anything but the way it wants to look at things.

I’ve had people angry with me for years. Eventually when we talked, it turned out that their interpretation didn’t have anything to do with what I actually said or my intention of presenting a different viewpoint.

No matter the truth, people see what they want to see.

They based what they thought I meant through their filter of how they usually saw things. Assumptions. Instead, I offered a perspective that could stretch them beyond the way they perceived things… if they allowed themselves to look at life another way.

“Attain to the place where no one and no thing can disturb you.”

Lester Levenson

Listen to the inner whispers guiding you. Make choices so you’re not allowing others or situations to affect your emotional energy. 

Like attracts like. Like energy attracts like energy. Consciously take care of yours to create your best life.

Consider a new point of view because nothing is what it seems. All is in divine order and surpasses your wildest imagination.

Nothing would be what it is.

Because everything would be what it isn’t.

And contrary-wise – what it is, it wouldn’t be.

And what it wouldn’t be, it would.

You see?

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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