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TIP: How to Ring Out 2015

December 28, 2015

2015-2016 stepsAppreciation means recognition with gratitude as well as increasing value, such as in investments. When you appreciate yourself, you create good feeling mojo.

Good feeling mojo is what gives you the confidence, mindset and vitality to create and attract a wonderful life and business. Plus, don’t you feel better when you feel good about you? It’s time to shift your focus from what you coulda shoulda woulda done differently to reap the benefits of appreciating you.

It’s so important to let go of the past to clear the way for success that I wrote a book Appreciate Yourself which includes exercises that my clients do annually. I’m sharing a few of these as well as excerpts to support you to ring out 2015 and create a space for a happy and prosperous new year.

You Deserve Appreciation

Why bother to take time to appreciate yourself? When you do, it:

  • Affects your physical, emotional and mental health
  • Validates you as you gain more self-esteem and confidence
  • Helps you to let go of the past and come to completion
  • Focuses you in the now as you release old beliefs
  • Creates space for current and future success
  • Opens you to gratitude which creates more blessings.

Recording and assessing what you’ve done also clears a path so you can consciously map out a remarkable future. With all these benefits, it pays to invest your time to discover how this recognition makes a difference in your life. You deserve appreciation, and it’s important for you to see why you’re worthy of it…

The Body Lives in the Past

At a cellular level, the body lives in the past and doesn’t respond as quickly as thoughts do. Your body expresses what you felt years ago. What you experience now does not make an immediate connection with it.

Without creating a written record of who you are and what you’ve done, a part of you can stay emotionally stuck. Because you attract what you focus on, the part of you that’s stuck can recreate a future full of old fears and limitations. Or you can make room for joy and fulfillment surpassing your fondest memories.

When you recognize that your body, which influences your present-day reality, lives in days gone by and currently demonstrates how you used to feel, you can collapse time to bring you into the now. How? Acknowledge what you’ve done and learned. Gratitude transports you from your misty past into the present. Letting go of old emotions improves your well-being in all areas of life…

Being in the moment allows a profound truth to be revealed – that you and your life have meaning and serve a bigger purpose.

TIP: How to Ring Out 2015

Find a quiet place where you have time for yourself… This time is for you to arrange the fabric of your life into a tapestry. To make sense of what may have seemed anything but. To validate you’re on track. To applaud your successes. To recognize your worth and appreciate the blessings.

Assume a higher viewpoint and look for progress – lessons learned, constructive growth or something you can use later.

Enjoy this intimate moment to write, not just think about, as you Appreciate Yourself. 

  • My most significant experiences; events; achievements; activities (positive or seemingly not):
  • My most significant changes and what I learned (inner awareness/outer experiences):
  • My most significant relationships, such as individuals; teams; groups; partners; friends; associates; professionals; family; spiritual connections; teachers:
  • My most fun or outrageous experiences:
  • My most challenging experiences:
  • My most significant successes; promotions; wins; recognitions; how I was honored by anyone; what I’m most proud of; anything I did well or feel good about:

Your Big Picture

What was your year really about? Underneath the activities, what lessons did you learn? Why are you grateful? Regardless of any challenges, how was your year a success?


You don’t have to make your past a drama by turning it into a story of woe. Instead, use the awareness you gained of what not to do to inspire you to make new choices.

Acknowledging yourself creates healthy self-esteem, confidence, value and magnetism. Notice that how others perceive and treat you is the same way you feel about yourself. And when you’re filled with self-worth, you attract success.

Now go and celebrate. You deserve it. You made it through the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. Bravo! You’re worth being appreciated. Allow yourself to receive this gift.

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September 30, 2013

You haven’t heard from me for a while because I’ve been focusing on my mastermind groups, having fun and  a whirlwind of completions. You know, those pesky nags that remind you of unfinished business.

Years ago, I attended a lecture by the late Zig Ziglar where he gave us his business card  – a  wooden, round TUIT. Translated: get around to it. Stop procrastinating and take action.

Recently, my eyes opened to the big picture of what I’d been tolerating. The broken blinds – hey, they worked if I didn’t raise them. The dangling coat hanger because I didn’t install the molly bolts correctly. The clusters of daddy long legs that resided on my porch and invaded my house when the door opened. Half the burners on my stove not heating well, etc., etc. It was time for change.

The mailbox looks great even though I sanded it with the sandpaper inside out.

My mailbox I refinished looks great even though I didn’t know what I was doing.

I found that projects often come with obstacles and learning curves. Wasn’t I surprised to discover, while proudly using my electric hand sander for the first time, that I refinished my weather-beaten, wooden mailbox with the sandpaper attached inside out. It turned out great anyway.

I asked questions only to find that many “experts” give crazy advice and don’t know what they’re talking about but act like they do. However, my intentions eventually drew the right people and solutions to me. I continue to tackle projects in spite of my ignorance. I learn and then I’m no longer clueless on those subjects. Not knowing what to do no longer stops me for long.

I’m motivated because stuff left undone as well as unresolved history drain energy making it challenging to focus on goals. Plus, results feel great.

Make room for your destiny. Courageously take action. Throw out your holey undies; no, they’re not sacred. Connect with folks you’ve been meaning to contact. Clearing space in your head and environment releases a power for your dreams to come true.

Believe in you. You don’t have to know how to manifest your goals or even what they are.  If you have that gut feeling that now-is the-time-for-change, then now is the time to get around TUIT.

If you choose to receive support, coaching, direction, focus and clarity, my Resolved for Results course is a game-changer to create results beyond your wildest imagination.

I am grateful to support your choices and see you receiving them!