Spinal Stenosis Treated Naturally – Remove Boney Growth Naturally

Last week, I received a message on my contact form from a man named Jeremi.

“Hi Virginia, I have spinal stenosis and was reading your blog. Would love for someone to share their experience with healing. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Although important to him, he left no contact information.

I know from personal experience how painful stenosis is; every time I turned my neck, I pinched nerves. Doctors told me the only remedy is surgery.

Then a YouTube video showed up (and I wasn’t even looking for this),


In less than nine months and less than $40, my symptoms were completely gone. Over four years later, and without continuing the treatment, I have zero indication of stenosis.

It occurred to me that others might benefit from this alternative. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake that Jeremi didn’t include his contact information.

Here’s more recent information on stenosis:


So Jeremi, if you’re reading this, know that the inspiration for this blog is because of you. May it help you and others, too.

There are often natural solutions to health beyond what the medical profession proclaims. Perhaps you’ll find them through research. Perhaps with a heartfelt intention to find answers, a way opens up to get results beyond your wildest expectations.


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