TIP: 4 Keys to Create Your Best Year Ever

New Years - Awesome

Would you love to be a Resolutions Rock Star where your new year wishes come true? Even though University of Scranton research says that only 8% of people achieve success with their new year’s resolutions, you can be part of that number.

Just as each morning offers a fresh start, a new year can inspire you to become who you always wanted to be when you grew up. Or somebody way better and more interesting.

Here are four keys to help you experience the success you richly deserve. Be sure to read to the end about a time-sensitive opportunity, too.

1. Focus on what you choose. The Hawaiian Huna tradition highlights this idea with one of its life principles: energy flows where attention goes. If you focus attention on what you don’t have or didn’t do, who or what’s not working for you, or berate yourself for what you shouldn’t have done (but that yummy dessert was so worth it), you’ll create more of the same. Instead, focus on your goals and feeling good. Achieving small, specific goals, like a target of going to the gym twice a week, can encourage you to keep going for your big vision. Not making yourself wrong can get you further than being disappointed because you didn’t release 30# last week, even though you just set your resolution today. Also, cut yourself slack when the inevitable backslides happen.

2. Let go of goofy ideas that try to seduce you to doubt that you and your goals are awesome. Universal beliefs like “you’re not good enough” (yes, everyone has a variation of that theme playing in their heads) hold you back. Low confidence and limiting  beliefs cause resistance.  A car that’s going for higher performance factors in air resistance, which is basically friction created from moving through the air. Releasing resistance, while moving to your goals, is essential to manifest them. The more you let go of this friction, the easier and more quickly you see results.

3. Create momentum for success. Don’t dwell on silly stuff that gets your you-know-what tied up in a wad. Focus on feelings and thoughts that create good feeling mojo – about everything. This will propel you in a trajectory to turn your dreams into reality. Positive attracts positive. Waiting for circumstances to change before you feel better will only leave you tasting the dust as you watch others zoom by you and succeed.

4. Tap into the infinite power of a mastermind team, and immerse yourself with positive, supportive energy where resolutions turn into results. My Resolved for Results course describes the mastermind as “an energy created when two or more gather in harmony… highly charged energy greater than the mind can conceive. It has the ability and does produce results beyond your wildest dreams. It’s unlimited and often creates in better ways than you could plan. Life flows in your favor naturally and with ease. Plans already in motion come to fruition; new opportunities just happen when they didn’t before. As events unfold, it’s as if you never had any problems to begin with, and you see success is inevitable.”

TIP: 4 Keys to Create Your Best Year Ever

You probably want to make several changes in your life or business. For now, choose one that’s most important to you.  Be sure that your resolution or goal doesn’t include another person without their permission so you don’t infringe on their free will.

Know that if you have an idea, this or something better is available for you. Be single-minded in your focus that you can achieve this. If you believe and then question yourself, you create an energetic wiggle that throws you out of alignment with your goal. This is important.

Treat your goal like a precious gem, and only share it with those who respect it. Refrain from naysayers who offer constructive criticism or are “just telling it like it is.”

If you’re serious about 2016 being your best year ever, there’s a new Resolved for Results course with a dynamic mastermind team starting Sunday night, January 10th.  This time-tested and proven program supports you to apply effectively with ease and grace these four keys and so much more. 

Because meetings are by phone, people from anywhere in the world can call in or Skype.

Bottom line, you’ll experience results as you create your best year ever.

I’m not sure when another team will begin, so if you’re getting nudges that you’re not going to let another year slip by, contact me for a free Do What You Love Break Free Session. You’ll gain clarity and direction as well as evaluate if Resolved for Results can be your springboard to finally make your dreams come true.

If not now, when?

Learn more at www.ResolvedForResults.com .

I can be reached at  vg@ResolvedForResults.com .

May 2016 be your best year ever!


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