TIP of the Week: Build Momentum For Your WOW Life

Newton's Cradle representing his First Law of Motion: A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force.

Newton’s Cradle representing his First Law of Motion: A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force.

After basic needs are met, where do your thoughts go when you wake up? It can be like Googling, and in .31  seconds, the search brings up yesterday’s issues and today’s to do list. Like attracts like. If an emotional funk descends, your day continues to match those emotions. Days turn into years.

However, sleep gives you an opportunity to hit the Reset button. Every day. Funk or WOW? Here’s how.

Your mornings can change your entire life!

Life reflects back what you’re feeling. You can build momentum with positive or negative feelings. The more you build momentum to enjoy good feelings, the easier and faster you’ll see your dreams coming true.

It’s easier to build momentum when you rise and shine.

Feelings create energy and your energy manifests results. So, be a conscientious steward of your feelings by not getting gobbled up by others’ emotions and opinions.

We are not here to rescue others from their emotions no matter who they are – as much as they may try to pull us into their stories. We are not created to please others who sometimes don’t even know what they’re talking about!

Have you noticed when someone’s ego is in control, they often don’t make sense although they firmly believe they do? Trying to defend yourself or your viewpoints doesn’t work. It’s not your job to prove the validity of someone else’s beliefs or transform their lives. It’s your job to transform yours.

Other ineffective energy suckers are trying to make things happen, working harder or desperately putting out effort.

Split energy –  you’re torn between wanting your goals but doubting you can get them – produces more of what you don’t want, too.

What does work are softening your emotions, relaxing, aligning your feelings so you’re receptive to the wonderful life you deserve.

Trust who you are – a divine Essence. Unlimited.

Pay attention to what you feed your emotions.

Years ago, I enjoyed a popular sitcom with biting sarcasm. As humorous as it was, I stopped watching when I realized these weren’t feelings I chose. Last year, I stopped watching excellent shows because their commentary had an angry or condescending tone.

If you’re wondering why you feel frustrated, angry, disappointed or keep getting hoodwinked by wonky people, look at how you’re taking care of your energy. Consider your diet of media and people. Do they create good feelings?

Don’t expect others to change.

Make the internal changes so you no longer attract wonky people.

Feeling afraid, defeated, righteous or worried creates momentum as do good feelings. Which do you choose?

Every day you wake up, you have a new opportunity to have a WOW life. Focus on what brings you clarity and good feelings and feed the momentum to help it continue throughout your day. Your life WILL change for the better!

Many continue with my programs because they recognize that aligning with illuminating perspectives and consistent focus on their goals produce ongoing, positive results. They feel supported, validated and good about themselves.

A key to success resides in answering this question: how do you continue the momentum of feeling good and the focus that creates positive results and a life that works great? Otherwise, you’ll get great results and quietly slide back to mediocrity.

What results can you anticipate by starting your day feeling good? You’ll feel a shift – lighter and happier. As momentum builds, and positive attracts positive, your life changes for the better. Your dreams come true.

Don’t give up! A HUGE reason why people don’t see results is that they don’t stay with it. A baby isn’t born the day after conception, right? Feed positive momentum, and give it time to build.

About Newton’s Cradle, which motion that propels you to momentum do you choose?

TIP of the Week: Build Momentum For Your WOW Life.

For 30 days, get your morning mojo flowing in a positive feeling direction. Raise your energy so you’re feeling good. Daily, make a list of what you’re grateful for, your miracles and successes or your favorite things. Or tune into feeling good by what you read or watch. I frequently mastermind because it directs my focus. I feel great, and I’ve noticed things always work out – regardless of how they appear.

With practice, build momentum by extending feeling good throughout the day. Be patient with your progress. Remember, other people’s stuff is theirs, not yours.

After 30 days, you can make this a lifetime habit. Why? You’ll feel great and love your WOW life.

With gratitude,



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