TIP of the Week – Be Like the Blood Moon

bloodmoon Did you see the total lunar eclipse, also known as the blood moon? First, the outdoors was lit by the full moon. Slowly, portions of one side of the moon disappeared before it was fully immersed in the eclipse. The landscape that moments ago was illuminated became eerily opaque as the moon was shrouded in a blood, red hue. As the movement of the sun, moon and earth continued, the light appeared on the other side until the moon was full again.

Alignment of three heavenly bodies created the eclipse and phenomena.

The light that was able to reach the moon was sunlight squeezed or bent around earth’s atmosphere that then journeyed to the moon.

Which light is that? The identical light that causes sunsets and sunrises on Earth – the long wavelengths bending around the Earth. So, literally, the blood moon is red-orange because it’s illuminated by thousands of sunsets and sunrises on Earth.

This is extraordinary. Cosmic alignment + the light from 1000s of sunrises/sunsets = a total eclipse known as the blood moon that rarely occurs. I mean, who comes up with this stuff?

The same Who is creating miracles and successes to help you and your dreams to come true. Compared to an event of this magnitude, helping us earthlings is easy. Our job is to let go of resisting.

This magic reminded me of the mastermind that is invoked when two or more gather together in harmony creating a vortex of energy.

What is the mastermind, and how can it help you achieve your goals and dreams coming true? My Resolved for Results manual says, “The mastermind is 100% of all the participants’ spirit or soul energy with the Prime Creator in the middle. “The mastermind is highly charged energy greater than the mind can conceive. It has the ability and does produce results beyond your wildest dreams. It’s unlimited and often creates in better ways than you could plan.”

Without the sun, moon or earth trying to control or force results, all three harmonized for the blood moon eclipse to occur. Individually, we are like a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

When we access the mastermind, we’re like a prism gathering inconceivable energy as did the blood moon. Our goals and struggles eclipse into receiving amazing results in ways we never would have imagined.

TIP of the Week: Be Like the Blood Moon Yes, I know you can slog along doing everything by yourself. You may be more effective and create way better results, though, if you access the mastermind energy and allow yourself to receive support, align your frequency and expand your vision. Share your dream or goal with upbeat friends who believe in you, and ask them to share their vision of you achieving it… where nowhere is heard a discouraging word.  Reciprocate by doing the same for them.

Feel like you’ve been given the Excalibur, King Arthur’s magical sword? Sometimes it takes practice to tap into Merlin-like powers. When wielded well, this is a miraculous tool. The more you align your energies, the more quickly you live the life of your dreams.

With gratitude,


PS If you’d like to experience the mastermind magic with me and discover how our 7 Principles may unlock doors for you, leave me a comment or message me to schedule a complimentary masterminding session. If you’re new or seasoned, a 20-minute masterminding may flip the switch to illuminate your cosmic success. We’re all made of stardust.

PPS To see examples of masterminding results some have achieved, visit www.ResolvedForResults.com


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