Dear Valentine,

May you recognize the moment to take action on what you love.

What would happen if you unconditionally loved and didn’t disapprove of you or others? Imagine if this went viral.

Imagine a world where thinking and telling others and yourself about how they have to change, what they did wrong as well as criticizing, complaining and controlling don’t exist. The ego, in its need to be justifiably right, would suffer so much that its shell would crack and reveal… Love.

I used to mix up being non-judgmental and loving with not seeing what is. People have their potential and their behavior. I saw others’ essence and avoided how they showed up.

My cat doesn’t have this problem. Once and only once, she brought in a small, dead rat – and put it under where my boyfriend was. She didn’t have an emotional charge about it. Just communicated her message with a package.

He said he could break her of that habit. However, I got the memo and loved myself enough to see him for who he was. More than one rat got tossed out that week.

Let’s put these together. See people and situations for what they are (good, bad or ugly), Love AND not disapprove. Huh?

Consider this. Your brain is a computer that holds patterns, neural pathways, of the way you think and feel. Computers only delete programs when you click YES.  You must click YES to delete what you want to get rid of on your computer.

If you emotionally chew on negative thoughts and emotions, the reverse of what you really want happens. It’s like clicking the SAVE button. What resists, persists.

So, how can you get what you really want? I know this may sound counter-intuitive. Choose to let go of disapproving yourself and whatever you don’t want in your life. All life is energy. So, say YES to the disapproval energy. Say YES to delete the program.

Next, unconditionally love what’s not working AND unconditionally give it permission to leave. Unconditional love is a magician, the ultimate healer.

Choose to let go of disapproval energy about what you don’t want and say YES to approving yourself and situations. Say YES to unconditionally loving what you want to let go of and YES to give it permission to leave. All you need is love!

Now, imagine being at an event where you are nurtured with unconditional love and support for both you and what you really want, even if you’re not sure what that is. Because egos and disapproval are left at the door, there’s an atmosphere of acceptance, fun and feeling safe. This environment generates energy for you to get what you want faster.

I invite you to experience this at our FREE Mastermind Roundtable & Networking event on Sunday, February 16, 2-5 PM, at Joe’s Crab Shack on 600 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX  78704. You and your friends are welcome to experience a unique networking event and form of masterminding to unlock your heart’s desires so you can experience miracles beyond your wildest expectations and LIVE what you know to be true.

Register now to reserve your space for free and enjoy the infusion of life-changing energy.

This is a new format which blends a unique twist on networking, getting clear on what you really want, as well as Resolved for Results masterminding with three different people as you expand your energy and vision of possibilities and are motivated to take action.

By the way, this is a non-brainstorming masterminding technique. Our masterminding sets energy in motion by asking for what you want in a harmonious, intentional environment. And it creates results.

Dress? It’s the weekend, so relax and come casual. Invite friends and family, too!

While there is no charge for the meeting, please consider ordering food or a non-alcoholic beverage from the menu.

If your loving includes you and what you really want in life, please register for our exhilirating FREE event at Eventbrite

With unconditional love and gratitude,



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