Do you know what your dreams are? You definitely have them. If you can’t describe what you choose for your life and take focused action, you float around somewhere and end up living someone else’s dream.

Here’s a real life example of one of my clients who I interviewed about her recent experience of how she manifested her dreams by landing her ideal, high profile job.

Her choice to help her family, travel and both increase and create steady income doing what she loved was the energy that initiated her process. She loves what she does and decided on a salary amount for her to share her expertise and talent. The amount just came to her.

She opened herself to the possibility and didn’t get hung up on timing or how it was going to happen. She TRUSTED her manifestation would come true instead of forcing, trying too hard or getting stressed.

Then one day, she received an email from an Executive Recruiter asking her to post a job description on her organization’s job board – which they don’t have. After reading it, she decided it was such a fit that she’d apply.

After a national search, they narrowed their prospects to four people to interview. She was the only one to get a second interview. Later, she was interviewed by one of the top people in the city.

She got the position and now has 25 employees working under her. She said, “I’m speaking my truth at meetings and don’t have to put on a masque. I’m not pretending or being who I think they think I should be.” She  mentioned, too, that her experiences and knowledge gained throughout her life are being used. It’s all the pieces coming together. They also appreciate her and regularly tell her this. It’s a perfect fit. Her ideal job.


  • Make a choice, and allow yourself to receive it in divine right timing.
  • Relax, trust and don’t get hung up on the steps and details.
  • Take action when opportunity presents itself.

Remember, you can apply these principles to ANYTHING you choose to create – from relationships to money.

I support your choices and see your dreams coming true!

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  1. Mandy Says:

    I’ve been looking for job for more than one year… I currently still have a job but I really hate my job as it can’t realise my full potential.
    I’m inspired to read this article and see myself contributing an exmaple real soon 🙂


    • Virginia Goszewska Says:

      Mandy, my apologies for not replying to your comment earlier. I just posted another blog and saw your comment. How are you doing on finding a new job? I had a similar situation many years ago with a position I once loved and then became exhausted from it. Someone suggested to me that the way out of it is to really get into it. This changed my attitude which opened me up to make a change. I stopped resisting the work. I found ways to relax into it and make it fun. Not only did my work change, but I moved from New York City to Texas and started a new phase of my life. Keep me posted, please, on your job transition.


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