Willie Nelson sings about life going from one crazy thing to another in his lyrics “last thing I needed first thing this morning was to have you walk out on me.” Welcome to what my world – was.

It started innocently a few months ago with my cat waking me up daily at 4:45 AM to go out. I couldn’t get back to sleep, didn’t stop to take naps, and stayed up until midnight. Too many activities and long days fried my adrenals, and I had to take a couple of weeks off from work. With my energy at its lowest and pain from a jammed hip bone at its highest, I received shocking news about a friend that left me reeling.

Because of my exhaustion I was more susceptible to things affecting me, and the downward spiral began. My computer broke. I ordered a new PC only to learn most of my address book had to be manually replaced – this saga continued for five weeks. My AC stopped working in 100° weather. Meantime, my cell phone went awry, and I missed a group coaching call. My headset, mouse and income went kaput, and even my toilet clogged. To say working was a challenge is an understatement.

I kept positive by going to sleep and waking up focused on gratitude and journaled about what was working. However, during the day, I thought about what wasn’t working.

I felt sad resignation as I listened almost imperceptibly to my deceased mother’s mantra “if it’s not one thing, it’s another.” An old program of what-else-can-go-wrong ran in the background.

After a while I lost interest in bouncing back and thought I’d ride it out to the bottom.


Imagine going to work wearing a great pair of shoes and tie or handbag… dressed in shabby pajamas. Likewise, I thought I was upbeat because I gave verbiage to being positive and practiced gratitude in the morning and night. However, my beat up attitude was running like a computer program in the background.

Sandwiched throughout the day between my positive focus, I visualized and felt what I didn’t want – what next? I used my attention and depleted energy to spin around what was wrong instead of what I chose to happen. So, I created more problems.

God was neither punishing or ignoring me. Life didn’t have it in for me. There wasn’t a metaphoric lesson or karma catching up. I wasn’t cursed, and Satan wasn’t interfering. I wasn’t doing anything wrong that needed a pause to redirect. I was enough and doing enough, and I wasn’t doomed for failure. I wasn’t doing any of the gazillion conclusions people erroneously come to when they wonder why is this happening to me. Why aren’t things working?

No outside force was responsible for my life. I created results from my attitude and attention. The universe energetically matched my thoughts and feelings.

Energy flows where attention goes. What else can go wrong? My prayers were answered. The universe replied with new calamities.

Visualizing isn’t just what happens during a visualization exercise. It includes predominant feelings and thoughts during the day.

You, too, create more of what you focus on and can make new choices. You can do it without owies from beating yourself up or building a case to support the stories you tell about your life.


  1. Ask your inner powerhouse, your soul energy, to empower you.
  2. Visualize with feeling what you choose throughout the day.
  3. Take one step at a time.
  4. Find and implement ways to rest and take care of yourself instead of tolerating fatigue.
  5. Talk with supportive people. Masterminding your goals and dreams empowers you and refocuses your vision.

Remember, the fastest way out of a hole is to stop digging it. No matter what’s going on, it’s not going to last forever. This too shall pass.

Now it’s your turn. What are your predominant thoughts and feelings throughout the day? Any old programs running in the background? How about dumping those pjs?

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  1. Linda Busby Says:

    Virginia, Thanks for bravely describing your own slump and fairly recent recovery back to the optimistic, hard-working self-helper we’ve grown to appreciate. Keep up your own good work and outreach to others of us. Linda Busby


  2. Virginia Goszewska Says:

    Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your comments and love. I can feel it from one side of Wimberley to another!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amen Sister! That’s the key, and what I’m watching too! Live in the FEELING of what you choose and not what you don’t choose. BINGO.

    Kay Skillern


  4. Virginia Goszewska Says:

    It can be subtle because we THINK we’re doing it, but we FEEL otherwise. Thanks for your comments, Kay.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the “pick-me-up.”


  6. carol w Says:

    Virginia, great insights, and it is comforting to know that we all have ways to recover when those shabby pjs show up!


  7. Virginia Goszewska Says:

    I’m happy it helped you Anonymous. That’s why I’m sharing. I agree, Carol, there’s always a way to change out of those shabby jammies.


  8. chacha Says:

    What!?…..I like my PJ’s, they’re soft


  9. Irish Says:

    What a great way to understand how its so easy to miss some of the cracks we have in our foundation. That is what I have been sharing with others about business development. My thought is if you aren’t going to invest in yourself, who is? I believe that 100%. Thanks for confirming that thought for me with this post. It’s all in the actions and how we think. = )



  10. Virginia Goszewska Says:

    Lots of great insights and passion in your words, Irish. Thanks for posting.


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