You Are A Force Of Nature – Part 2

Part 1 shares how a NO BURN ZONE was created in the midst of the Texas fires. Results? People, their property and animals were unharmed. Read Part 2 to learn more about how they did it. Sheera Rexroad’s account of her personal experience with the ravenous, fire beast continues.

The Texas fires had to move on.

The fire had a huge hunger as it traveled along the fence line to the west.  It would dart in for a quick taste with its fire tongue here and there.  It shook off each taste and moved on along the north fence of Ranch de Kris.

By now the big, mean fire was weak and floundering; it needed tasty bits and soon to feed its rage.

We had NONE to offer.

It slithered further to the west and jumped through the fence into the neighboring property west of Ranch de Kris. It burned there but, not satisfied, it continued westward to the next property and beyond.

This Delhi fire was powerful and fast. It jumped containment lines and roads several times before it came close to where we live.  One of the fire balls grazed the heads of the all volunteer firefighters when it jumped a firebreak.

I knew that the land that I live on and steward was untouched.  I knew that the land where my brother lives was untouched. This I felt, and this I knew.

Gratitude and the power of intention 

This is Sheera’s email a few days after the fire continued its rampage. Her powerful belief and invocation created the mold for the NO BURN ZONE. The fire was confused; she was not. 

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your powerful and positive thoughts.

Your prayers and requests are holding safe space for us.

I ask and know that the property that we both live on and take care of will make it through the fires unharmed.

I ask and know that the houses that we shelter in will be unharmed.

I ask and know that the animals that we steward are secure and safe.

I know that there is much designed for me to do, and that what I have been involved in so far is not to be taken by some confused flames.

I know that I, Sheera of One Girl Farm, and my brother, Kris – of Ranch de Kris, are to be safe and cared for.

I ask that you continue in your vigils.  We can feel it.  We can see the evidence of asking for protection.

We are strong.  We are determined. We know that what we ask for, pray for, request is answered.

Your efforts and energies are dynamic.

Please do not stop.

My thoughts

Sheera made choices that spared her family, farms and animals from personal disaster when she:

  • Invoked an inner determination and strength
  • Knew her family, their property and animals would be safe
  • Affirmatively spoke forth the outcome she chose
  • Visualized a NO BURN ZONE of protection from the fire
  • Was motivated by her request that served a bigger purpose
  • Created an impromptu mastermind group to send prayers, love, safety and protection before she packed to evacuate.

What about the properties that burned? 

My neighbor’s home burned down a year after her lake house succumbed to fire. A couple of months later, she was calm and peaceful when she told me it was a blessing. Huh?

Before then she lived in a world where people didn’t care about one another, only themselves. That changed when total strangers, organizations, churches and the community helped with clothing, food and more.

Her heart and mind opened to the love and care of others. For her, it was a lesson that had more value than worldly goods.  

What benefit could come from burned farm land? Farmers couldn’t collect insurance because of the drought. However, many could from fire. 

Every experience teaches. It’s all good, regardless of appearance. Look for the gift.

By the way, a week after the Texas fires, during a drought with no rain, amidst the ashes, here and there, sprigs of green grass appeared. Renewal and rebirth heralded a new cycle.

You can choose your reactions and actions.

You do NOT have to give your power away to fear or discouragement.  The flames of anger, doubt and confusion do not have to eat away at you.

You may have what appear to be unstoppable forces occurring in your life. Remember: “You are a force of nature. Don’t put yourself as a lesser being that can be jostled about.”


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2 Responses to “You Are A Force Of Nature – Part 2”

  1. Estella Says:

    This is a Fabulous story. Thank you for sharing and many continues blessings. I put you, your brother, and all others in my prayers and healing sessions~
    I especially love, besides the set intentions, the part where the woman was so blessed by what had occurred to her.

    Everything is an echo for the voice of God.
    Today that is my lesson from ACIM and I today I called back the woman handling my student loan, I tried to explain why I couldn’t make this commitment to $140/mo right now while she rudely told me it wasn’t an option, the Federal Government would do all sorts of nasty things to me, but she refused to tell me what they were, “I refuse to discuss that with you.” Anyway, she said what I was doing was considered a stall tactic. Who would stall on making payments if they had it, I wondered.
    Then after we got of the ph, I sat there centering, wondering why someone would be so mean and going over my lesson today when I thought, : It sure does feel like I’m stalling.” On my bigger picture life. I’m all poised, aimed, excited, flirting with it, but Stalled, stalling. I don’t know exactly how or why, but I know my intention is not to… : ) The voice of our higher purpose can come through anywhere~ Blessings that are all already Yours~


  2. Virginia Goszewska Says:

    Energy attracts energy, however things aren’t always what they seem.

    Recently a woman who was experiencing financial lack couldn’t see where the pattern came from. She didn’t feel she was reflecting financial lack in her childhood because it wasn’t there.

    Exploring more deeply, she saw her lack mirrored other patterns of her parents, such as feeling unimportant and helpless. The outer circumstance manifested differently, but the underlying feeling was similar.

    Food for thought: was it about stalling or the way you felt because of your situation or her comments?


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